Whether you’re a history buff or an Irish mythology enthusiast, you’ll enjoy the tales, stories and true accounts of Country Meath. From ancient battles or mythological tales, you can embrace these Irish eccentrics through an activity like River Boyne fishing. This 70 mile long water way runs through several counties and is often the centre of Irish folklore as it passes through a handful of ancient cities and megalithic monuments.

The getaway you need

Historic relics, prehistoric paintings and ancient artefacts aside, the River Boyne is also a hub of fishing activity. Avid fishermen and women alike will be pleased to know that these waters boast impressive catches, especially of trout and salmon. However, to preserve these pristine water-ways, visitors must obtain a day permit or membership to use the waters here, as well as make use of the catch and release method when fishing.

Additionally, anglers can only use single barbless hooks and aren’t permitted to use worms as bait in these waters. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t let these restrictions stop you because, when you set your picnic basket down on the banks of the River Boyne, breathe in the fresh air and simply enjoy the outdoors with your family, it’s an experience you won’t soon forget.

A day by the river

Those travelling from in and around Ireland or abroad can certainly make a holiday out of River Boyne fishing. Whether you’re a first-time fisherman or an avid angler, its activities like these that make spending time with your family, on your own or with friends memorable. Most importantly, there are local fishing guides in the area, with years of experience, who can help you with several aspects such as:

  • Arranging your permits
  • Organising guided tours in hired boats
  • Providing you with assistance and advice on fishing
  • Coordinating and hiring equipment

Irish luxury

Whether you’re travelling with friends, kids or even by yourself, choosing an optimum place to stay is key to helping you de-stress and unwind. The Castle Arch Hotel offers supreme accommodation just a short drive away from the River Boyne. Fully equipped with world-class amenities, friendly staff and easy access to main highways and attractions, it’s the cherry-on-top for your relaxing getaway.

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