Bloomsday is an international event, taking place on the 16th of June, that celebrates the work of Irish author, James Joyce. Taking cue from his timeless classic Ulysses, Irish folk and literature fans across the globe take it upon themselves to dress as characters and re-enact key moments from the script.  

James Joyce

James Joyce (1882 – 1941) was a complex, modernist Irish author and poet who penned many works, most notably Ulysses - which is the basis of Bloomsday.  Although he travelled extensively and lived in many cities outside of Ireland such as Paris and Zurich, it is said that when Joyce created scenes for his works, he always chose to set it in Dublin because he believed that it would lead to the heart of all cities.

Then and Now

Bloomsday started in 1954, when four Dublin residents chose to retrace the steps of the book’s hero through Ireland, only to fail from consuming too much alcohol.

Today, this event aims to commemorate the life and works of James Joyce, while incorporating many facets of Ulysses. Many people consider it to be one of the most anticipated celebrations in the country, second only to St. Patricks Day.

Spanning over two weeks, tourists and locals alike celebrate their love for the piece by immersing themselves in a collection of activities, such as:

  • Costume contests

  • Pub crawls

  • Lectures

  • Live Readings and screenings

  • Re-enactments

Luxurious Experience

Although this event is hosted worldwide, Ireland is the heart beat of Bloomsday.

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